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Automatic glass doors are a welcome addition to your building

In order for the security glass to give special strength and strength to the security glass doors, it must also be provided with strong joints and chassis. The use of aluminum rails and profiles is always an expert recommendation. Zarin Profile always tries to produce new profiles of these sections in a variety of up-to-date forms and high quality material.

The most important features

Variety of profiles

Dimensions and variations in the appearance of profiles are important factors in which the designer can easily implement their ideas.

strength of profiles

The high strength of the profiles causes the profiles to be used in sensitive spaces without any limitation.

The beauty appearance of the profiles

Using special and kinds of color cause the doors more beautiful

Most used profiles

Security glass and glass doors

code: 110243
code: 110233
code: 110562
code: 110563

Beauty. Security. Elegance

High quality, strength, color variety
Always are the main features of profiles of the Zarin Profile
Thus the glass structures made with the profiles of Zarin Profile Company give the area special beauty.

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