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Producing high quality aluminium alloy billet

The basic material for producing aluminium profile is aluminium billet. Whenever the aluminium billet has the best quality then the aluminium profiles have the best quality too. The smallest fault in aluminium billet causes the worst aluminium profile. Zarin Profile Arak always tries to produce the best alluvium billet.
Zarin Profile has a line of producing aluminium billet with method of Direct Chill by using two furnaces, expert technicians, metallurgist, optical quantometer, cutting machines, best casting fluxes and degassing machines. These items cause Zarin Profile’s billet has the best quality and international standard and compatible with sensitive and complicated aluminium profile.

This company can produce 120 Tons of all kinds of aluminum billet from size 3.5 to 14 inches.

Positive points of using Zarin Profile’s billet:

  • Resolved the imperfections of the profiles that related to the structure of the billets
  • Increase the strength of the profiles up to 15 Webster
  • Improving colourfulness of the profiles
  • Improving and prepare the surface of the profile for anodizing
About us
About us
About us

Aluminum billet cross sections
Due to the existence of different dies, the size of billets is from 3.5 to 14 inches long and 8 meters long.

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