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Production Process:
Molding Unit

On of the most important thing to produce a high-grade aluminium profile is using a high-grade extrusion die.
The desirable die is a die that is produced from the best material and best process.
With using a die for a while it should get checked by the technician and improving the hardness of the die by using nitrating furnace.
In ZARIN PROFILE co. each dies having the special process to produce. The engineers searching for the best material and the best form for the die to producing them. They use CNC machine and wire cut machine. And after producing the die, it’s taken to the special furnace to get their surface hardness.
After checking the die, it is used in the extrusion press. The new profile is completely checked with the original model. The die is used until the weight is good for the profile and during the producing period for each die, the die should be taken in the nitrating furnace to improve the hardness


The important goal in the producing extrusion die is:

Producing extrusion die exactly according that ordered profile. Checking the the dies after each producing and improve their hardness by using nitrating furnace. If this process done well the produced profile has the best quality.

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