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Production Process:
Casting Unit

Zarin profile arak has one hot top billet casting and two 15 tones furnace and can produce aluminium billet from size 3.5 to 14 inches.
The aluminium ingot get from other company which called mother company and refer to the aluminium profile analyse the ingredient is use in a special amount.
After the furnace get ready for the process one samples is gotten from the fluid and during the process 3 samples should get from all over the fluid to make sure about the analyses.
After producing aluminium billet the billet is gone to homogenising furnace to make billet better for producing aluminium profile.
And why we have these kinds of attentions for this process?
Because the most important part of producing a good aluminium profile is using a very good billet and it is completely effect the hardness and coating the profiles.


The important goal in producing aluminum billet is :

Cheeking all surface of produced billet and checking the correct analyses that this goal can get with our metallurgist engineers and technicians.

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